1. CDMA 2000/WCDMA/GSM Radio Network Survey

During RF Planning, one of the fundamental activities that ensure a good network is Radio Network Survey. Our Engineers are equipped with relevant skills to Carry out Site selection and design an appropriate engineering parameter for optimum Radio Network performance.

2. Microwave LOS Survey

Since most base stations in Africa are connected Via Wireless Transport media, Suitability of a site for construction is eventually decided by availability of a Point to Point transport network. Our engineers are proficient in the use of PATHLOSS for prediction Line Of Sight (LOS) to ensure seamless data transfer from one point to another within a network.

3. 2G/3G/LTE Single Site Verification

Often times, Radio Network Technicians/Engineers do not adhere to the designed parameters during installation/implementation. CNL Engineers are experienced in cross-checking and reconciling designed parameters with the implemented parameters to ensure conformity.

4. CDMA 2000/WCDMA/GSM Radio Network Drive Testing & Post Processing

Radio Network Performance needs to be monitored periodically to ascertain Mobile subscribers’ perception of the network. Our Teams of professionals are experts in collection of log files through drive test and post- processing of log files to generate reports that could be used for analyzing and troubleshooting network failures.

5. CDMA 2000/WCDMA/GSM Radio Network Optimization

After Drive Test and KPI report analysis, our team of professionals is able to use such reports for investigating network problems and proposing suitable solutions for resolving the problems.

6. CDMA 2000/WCDMA/GSM Competitive Network Benchmarking

To continue to stay ahead in the competitive mobile industry, every operator must adopt additional methods to scientifically and indisputably compare their network performance with other mobile operators within the same Public Land and Mobile Network (PLMN) Area. This can be achieved by Competitive Network benchmarking which happens to be one of our areas of expertise.

7. Radio Network Planning and Optimization training

In our bid to provide innovative and strategic solutions to the Telecoms Public and the educational community, We are pleased to inform you that We roll out a bouquet of Telecoms Training that has given many of our participants a career in the Telecoms industry with Specialty in Radio Network Planning and Optimization, Radio Network Drive Test (GSM/CDMA/WCDMA), Drive Test Logs Post processing and KPI Analysis.

8. Outsourcing Services

We also provide outsourcing services/support in Radio Network Planning and Optimization, Radio Network Drive Test (GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE),Drive Test Logs Post processing and KPI Analysis.

9. Product support

We also offer support on all our products, providing Field support for Engineers/Resources and also in software exploration, Drive Test reporting/Template Development and Radio Network Optimization (KPI Analysis).