We offer integrated Telecom support to businesses in the following areas:

1. Drive Test Equipment Sales and Support

We are authorized resellers and partners to a wide range of hardware equipment. We also carry out systems maintenance for these ranges of hardware. We are into technical partnerships with local and foreign companies in order to ensure that we give you the best in terms of services.

We offer integrated Telecom support to businesses in the following areas:

  1. TEMS Phone
  2. TEMS Dongle
  3. Data Collection and Post-Processing Softwares
  4. Transmission Test Equipments (BERT, Site Master etc)
  5. Inverter, Laptops and other Hardwares

We provide support for your organisation’s computers and other peripherials.

2. Network deployment and integration

Efficiently building new fully deployed wireless networks requires deep insight into all facets of network planning, design, deployment, and optimization. Crystalfix industry wide multi-vendor and multi-technology expertise can power a network, delivering 2G, 3G and LTE networks that push best practices to new levels.Crystalfix leverages on effective team coordination and program management, multi-vendor roll out experience, and project accountability and ownership to deploy networks within scope and budget.

Crystalfix offers the following Network Deployment and System Integration services:

  1. Base Station Subsystem (BSC & BTS) installation and commissioning.
  2. RF accessories (RF feeders, jumpers, antennae, TMA, etc) installation and commissioning.
  3. Radio resources (TRX & Combiners) upgrade/downgrade implementation.
  4. Core network nodes (MSC, HLR, IN, M2000, UMG8900, etc) installation and commissioning.
  5. Transmission nodes installation and commissioning-Microwave-PDH/SDH, Fiber optics nodes-OSN, DWDM, etc.
  6. Functional testing, troubleshooting and commissioning.
  7. System Integration, verification and feature testing.
  8. System acceptance.