Our Services

At its core, our business model is built on a platform that offers integrated outsourced services provision. Most business executives know the benefit of outsourcing routine or non-routine, non core business activities to professionals in these areas. One can begin to imagine how much more productive and profitable your business could be if someone else could help manage these areas of your business while you focuse on your core business.


However, at Crystalfix, we have extended the traditional outsourcing model. Now, We not only provide outsourcing services, we look at opportunities for the integration of different activities in a company's outsourcing basket for one provider to look after.


Benefits of this extended model include:

- Leveraged economy of scale and better cost performance of the outsourcing arrangement as both the company and the service provider can consolidate baseline costs from the different operations in the outsourced basket.


- Increased productivity due to reduced interface management as the Client now deals with only one service provider as opposed to one or more for each outsourced service area


- Better focus on core business knowing that the service provider has the same vision and commitment to excellence as the company.


In addition, traditional outsourcing models employ a client- customer relationship. In this case, there is a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the two companies and failure by the service provider to meet any one or more of these targets will invoke a penalty.


Crystalfix has embraced the idea of setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with our clients. We believe that KPIs as against SLAs is a measure of the level of our commitment to our client’s progress and also a measure of our commitment to excellence. Our client’s reputation and business depend on constant and consistently high level of service availability and one singular KPI for us in this relationship will be to ensure that this is achieved.