We are the Expert in Engaging Customers to grow your Business

CRYSTALFIX NIG LIMITED (CNL) is a diversified concern, providing end-to-end consultancy and training solutions in IT/Telecomms, IT infrastructural services, Banking and Finance, facilities management & logistics engineering, instrumentation science & electrical power engineering and project management engineering. We are also experienced outsourced services providers duly registered with CAC of Nigeria; through provision of an end-to end staffing and recruitment services across diverse industries in Nigeria and across Africa. We deliver superior return to our clients through our cost effective and value-oriented man power development in Nigeria.

Since our founding in 2007, Crystalfix has made considerable progress towards creating a company that will endure and prosper into the future. Several factors have contributed to our remarkable successes, but one factor stands out; our unwavering commitment to a set of three core values, which have with passage of time become our watchword- Partnership, Relationship, and Commitment to Excellence.


To be a one-stop shop providing integrated IT/Telecoms, banking services, logistics management and end- to- end outsourced staffing solutions.


We are committed to enhancing ultimate customer satisfaction by focusing on providing solution that will move their business in quantum leaps.


To create a long-term symbiotic partnership with our customers, growing their businesses even as our own also grows.