Module 4: 
Radio Network Optimization (Drive Test Post Processing & Analysis) 

Course Outline

  • Exporting of Logfiles from TEMS Investigation to MapInfo Professional. 
  • Report Generation.  
  • Network KPI and Report Analysis. 
  • Logfile Post Processing using MapInfo Professional. 
  • Logfile Post Processing using TEMS Route Analysis. 
  • Report Generation and Recommendation.  

Training Benefits

 At the completion of this program, the Trainees will understand the following and much more: 

  • KPI Report Analysis. 
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE Logfile Management. 
  • Use of MapInfo in troubleshooting a GSM Network. 
  • Use of TEMS Investigation for Route Analysis. 
  • Use of ACTIX for Route Analysis. 
  • Make recommendations to correct Network problems. 

Module 5: 
LTE Radio Network Planning and Introduction to Optimization 

Course Outline

  • History and Network Architecture. 
  • Radio Interfaces. 
  • Radio Network Planning (Frequency Spectrum/Bands/Planning) 
  • Network Planning Process (Site Survey, Antenna Selection and BTS layout) 
  • LTE Features and Parameters 
  • eNodeB indoor and outdoor units 
  • Introduction to Network Planning Tools 
  • Introduction to LTE Drive Test 

In this training, we introduce you to the technical field aspects of optimization. It entails going Drive test with our field engineers for a day to expose you to the practical aspect of the classroom studies. 

Training Benefits

  • Radio Network Planning and Optimization Workflow. 
  • Radio Frequency Planning, Capacity planning and Coverage planning. 
  • Methods of GSM Radio Network Planning.  
  • TEMS Tools Connection. 
  • Drive Test and Use of Map Info Post-processing tool.

Module 6: 
KPI/Parameter Optimization using OSS tools for Radio Access Network (Huawei,Ericsson,NSN,ZTE OSS tools)

Course Outline

  • Review of Technology Fundamentals
  • Radio Interface, Call flow and Radion Parameter Review
  • Review of Excel Skills
  • Basic KPIs and Formulars
  • Introduction to OSS Tools
  • Basic Parameter Changes and Effects
  • KPI Improvement and Methodology

Training Benefits

In this training, we introduce you to the technical field aspects of optimization. It entails going for Drive test with our field engineers for a day or more to expose you to the practical aspect of the classroom studies. At the completion of this program, the Trainees will understand the following and much more:

  • Radio Network Planning and Optimization Workflow.
  • Radio Frequency Planning, Capacity planning and Coverage planning.
  • Methods of LTE Radio Network Planning.
  • TEMS 14 Tools Connection.
  • Drive Test and Use of Map Info Post-processing tool for post processing

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